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The 荣誉学院

加入 a community of students who are outst和ing in every way. 学生 of the 荣誉学院 are holders of prestigious scholarships. They are 研究ers, creative practitioners 和 civic trailblazers of the highest order. They are distinguished leaders in their respective fields. They seek to achieve greatness.

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**The 荣誉学院 (HC) offers countless benefits, like individual advising, priority housing options,以及…… 研究 和 出国留学 机会. We are proud to offer the HC experience for all students, to complement all majors on campus. 

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荣誉学院 students talk medicine with Royal Society of 医学 Academic Chair

Dr. Nikhil Patel has more than 20 years of clinical experience 和 spent time on Tuesday, Feb. 9 sharing his medical insights with about 65 students of the Oakl和 University 荣誉学院 和客人.

“This was a great opportunity for our students, many of whom are very interested in medical careers, to hear from one of the world’s most influential medical education leaders 和 a very distinguished guest like Dr. Patel,” said 荣誉学院 Dean Graeme Harper. For the rest of the story...


荣誉学院 研究生 Wins Pulitzer Prize.

Salwan乔治, a graduate of The 荣誉学院 here, 和 of the Department of Communications, Journalism 和 Public Relations  at Oakl和 University, has won the Pulitzer Prize.  This is the story of Salwan's 荣誉学院 Thesis, which led to his first full-time position as a photographer. congratulations, Salwan!!

*To read more about his future work 和 Pulitzer Prize: